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In the cannabis industry, cultivators produce medicine for the members of their collective.  However, by the time the cannabis is harvested, the collective may have already obtained medicine from another cultivator. As a result, you the cultivator are stuck with extra cannabis and need to find another collective (that you belong to) that needs it.

Matchmaker 420 is designed to help.  When a cultivator is accidentally stuck with too much medicine, he/she can test the medicine with CB Labs and then list the strain on Matchmaker 420 along with the lab results and reimbursement cost. Matchmaker 420 then transmits the information to hundreds of collectives to let them know the excess medicine is available.

Producers of edibles, concentrates, rubs, and other cannabis products can use Matchmaker 420 the same way. Test your products with CB Labs, list them on our service, and we will notify our network of collectives that excess product is available.

When a collective places an order, the cultivator is notified, and the cultivator may contact the collective to arrange transportation and reimbursement. The cultivator’s information remains confidential and is never provided to anyone unless first authorized by the cultivator.  Per California law, the cultivator must first join the collective before it may provide any cannabis based products and receive reimbursement for its production expenses.  CB Labs provides this service free to our members.


Collectives have voiced that they are tired of the current vendor system, and wish they could order medicine from an online menu the way they would order anything else.  Welcome to Matchmaker 420

Once you are a validated collective, you can shop online for products and strains on our products page.  You will see pictures of the products, strain information, potency, terpene profile, results of mold and pesticide screenings, as well as reimbursement cost to the grower (if given by grower).  If you see a product that you would like, simply click of the Request Product button and your information will be sent to the cultivator or producer of the product.  That person will contact you and arrange for a convenient time for delivery.

To register with Matchmaker 420, click here