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CB Labs is licensed by the state of California to apply industry standard methodology ISO/IEC 17025 (pending) for accurately measuring your product’s contents and screening for harmful toxins.  Digital labels with QR codes are provide as an option. CB Labs is Weedmaps integrated. In addition, we have a marketplace Matchmaker 420 for growers and collectives to collaborate after the products have been tested. Learn more about our On-Site Sampling Service by contacting 415-246-7532.

Meet the Santa Ana Team!

CB Labs offers a SLAMM Certification (Safe Legal Access to Medical Marijuana) that ensures your product is safe to use. As a part of the SLAMM certification, our scientists test for potency, terpenes, toxic metals, pesticide, and microbiology for cannabis and cannabis products. Residual solvent testing on concentrates is also required for a SLAMM certification. SLAMM Testing takes about a week most times sooner. See SLAMM Collectives!

pic2pic2SLAMM T-shirts are now for sale

Email sales@cblabs.us to order

$25 (shipping included)



Need help with your excess products? CB Labs is here for you! We provide an exclusive marketplace, Matchmaker 420, for collectives and growers to collaborate their business. Our scientists will test your cannabis, certify the products, and create a unique LOT number for the batch. Then we can help find a legally run collective that is in need of your strain, and make the introduction.  CB Labs takes no fee for this matching services, and does it simply as a courtesy to our customers. See Available Products!

CB Labs is Weedmap integrated. CB Labs can upload labs results to your Weedmap account. For Vendors and collectives, we can upload labs results for your clients! On your Weedmap account send CB Labs the name of your company, name of the strain, your Weedmap’s Listing ID, the strains 7-9 digit ID on Weedmap’s ‘Menu Page’.


On-Site Sampling Weekly Schedule or other options are available.

  • Monday- Sonoma County
  • Tuesday- Alternates: San Francisco/San Jose & Humboldt
  • Wednesday- Vallejo & Sacramento
  • Thursday- East Bay
  • Friday- Open


Please contact CB Labs (415-493-6605) or visit the Contact us page for further details!

NCIACB Labs is a proud member of the NCIA